Meditation Class
Every Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm

Whether you’re a stressed business executive or busy shop owner, taking an hour out of your day to calm yourself through meditation can help you live more happily and work more efficiently. Bodhikusuma’s daytime class will provide you with a peaceful environment and simple instructions on how to relax through meditation. A clear mind is a happy mind; a calm mind is a confident mind.

Non-Members – $10 (per session/class)
Members – FREE


Step into stillness, just moments away from your office

Benefits of Meditation

  • High Energy Level
  • Greater Efficiency in the Workplace
  • Lower Stress Level
  • Natural Cure for Anxiety and Depression
  • Better Immune System
  • Deep Sense of Inner Peace
  • Clarity of Mind

Sitting Meditation

Closing your eyes sand sitting still, all that is left is to keep being aware of the mind and not letting it wander off to its usual habits.


Walking Meditation

Mindfulness can be practiced while in the walking posture as well. One can even practice this while going to the meditation class from work!