Every Sunday 10:00am-11:30am

Take some time out of your week to gather together with other Sydney Buddhists and pay homage to the Buddha and his teachings through the ancient act of chanting and meditation. At Bodhikusuma’s Sunday Puja, you and your family will have the opportunity to calm the mind, meet other local faithful, and remember what’s truly important in your life.

Cost: By Donation


Develop wholesome energies through Pali chanting with others. The act of solely focusing on one’s chanting becomes a meditation in itself.

A monk will lead every Second Sunday Puja

The second week is dedicated to more formal listening of Dhamma teachings from a Venerable monk from Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery. A topic and question will be brought up for the following weeks discussion.

Programme will be more focused as follows:

  • Week 1: A focus on more formal meditation instructions
  • Week 2: A Monk will lead the class and give a Dhamma talk for reflection
  • Week 3: More discussion on a topic that was brought up the week before.
  • Week 4: A presentation of a story or teaching from the Buddha’s life


In Conjunction with Dharma One Kids Class

Parents are encouraged to bring their kids to Dharma One Class. The class and Sunday Puja will run concurrently. The start of the Puja will be a joint opening homage chanting. Those wishing to be more active and volunteer to help, is widely encouraged.