For 3yrs – 12yrs old.
Classes will be split into two classes:
3-6yrs and 7-12yrs.


Every Sunday of the School Term

Term 1: Sunday 10th February to Sunday 14th April 2019
Term 2: Sunday 5th May to Sunday 7th July 2019
Term 3: Sunday 28th July to Sunday 29th September 2019
Term 4: Sunday 20th October to Sunday 22nd December 2019


10:00am-11:30am. At 10am children and parents will gather together in Bodhikusuma Hall to start with a short opening Puja chanting and then children will go to their allocated classrooms.


Bodhikusuma Buddhist & Meditation Centre.
Level 2, 203-209 Thomas St, Haymarket, NSW 2000.


The cost for one term is a recommended donation of $20 (no more than $50 per family). This goes towards covering costs for materials and other Centre running costs.
For parents joining the Sunday Puja there is no charge.

Enrol Now

Download the application form and send it back to us.

“The family that has DHARMA, stays as ONE”Bodhikusuma Ideal

Once a month a monk will come to Dharma One

A monk from Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery will come and give a Dhamma teaching and lead the Sunday Puja for the adults. The kids will have a chance to give the monk alms - a teaching of generosity through practice.

Find out more about the monastery here

What They Will Learn

The ancient teachings of Buddhism about meditation, morality, and living wisely offer guidance in important aspects of life modern secular education leaves unaddressed. By enrolling in Bodhikusuma’s Sunday school, your child will have a chance to develop:



By providing simple teaching on mindfulness and meditation, Bodhikusuma Sunday School provides your child with essential tools they can use for the rest of their life to maintain a clear and compassionate mind amidst the rush of modern life. Curriculum includes teachings on:
-Maintaining a caring sense of awareness throughout one’s day and in one’s relationships.
-Cultivating the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity through simple exercises.
-Developing a calm, clear mind through meditation on the breath.


Wholesome Relationships

By letting Sydney families gather weekly in a safe environment, Bodhikusuma Sunday school allows your child to develop diverse friendships with children and families who share a commitment to a moral and peaceful life grounded in the Buddhist teachings. Parents may find they make a few new friends in the Dhamma as well! Curriculum includes:

-Communal games and activities aimed at teaching your child to play and interact with others skillfully.
-Teachings emphasizing the importance of generosity and gratitude in one’s relationships.
-Regular communal events at Bodhikusuma that allow you and your child to become part of a vital community rooted in the Dhamma.



By providing Buddhist teachings on ethical restraint in speech and action, Bodhikusuma Sunday school allows your child to develop a firm sense of conscience that will help them live harmoniously with others for the rest of their lives. Curriculum includes teachings on:

-Karma: The basic principle of karma that states that good actions bring good results, and unwholesome actions bring undesirable results.

-The 5 Ethical Precepts
-To refrain from harming others and to cultivate compassion towards all beings.
-To refrain from stealing and to practice giving to those in need.
-To remain loyal and honest in one’s relationships.
-To refrain from lying and to practice honest and kind speech.
-to refrain from taking intoxicants and to preserve clarity in one’s life.


Understand Buddhist Customs

Bringing up a child, means letting them experience things for themselves. One of the beautiful things in Thai culture, is seeing the small children being taught how to offer alms, even since they could just learn to walk. It becomes part of their character and lets them see the benefits of giving by themselves.

Parents have to join too!

Parent/s taking their children to the Dharma One Sunday School are expected to stay and join the Sunday Puja program that is run concurrently from 10:00am-11:15am. Sunday Puja consists of:
– Chanting verses of recollection of the Triple Gem in Pali and English
– Group meditation sitting and walking
– Learning one Dhamma theme taught by a member of the group
– Once a month the Bhikkhu Sangha will lead the Sunday Puja and offer a short Dhamma talk. There will be an alms round in the Centre as well as offering of food to the monk/s.

Interested in Volunteering?

We need motivated people interested in helping others.
Skills required:
- assistant teachers
- people to help cook lunch

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Dharma One Teacher

Having been through Dharma School in Indonesia when she was young, she knows the importance of giving kids a balanced and moral education.



Dharma One Teacher

Knowing early on that her passion was teaching children, she graduated from a degree in Childcare. Always very patient, she is good at letting children take their time to learn.



Dharma One Teacher

She has volunteered at Bodhikusuma for more than 10 years now. Always very helpful and joyful to be around, kids feel very comfortable to be around her.


Interested in Enrolling your child in Sunday School?

Being a parent is a heavy reponsibility, but also a great opportunity. You want to give your child the best start to this life and for them to grow up to be great people. All of us here know that having a foundation in Dhamma principles and practice is a must to have a fulfilling life.

  • Take some time to think about your needs and wishes

    Take a read of the information given on this page. Do you feel this is the right place for you to further you and your child’s spiritual development?

  • Decide On Whether You Can Commit to Every Sunday During the School Term

    It is expected that the parent/s join the concurrent Sunday Puja class while their child is in the Dharma One Class.

  • Contact us if you are uncertain about anything in specific

    Call us on (02) 9211-1188 or email, or come see the Centre and talk to one of the volunteers.

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I really wanted to enrol my kids in Dharma One, because it’s something I missed out on growing up.Parent of enrolled child