Chanting Class
* online from Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery

* Note: This is only conducted online. On Sunday to Thursday 7:00pm – 8:00pm from Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery. Email for Zoom login details. Follow the Bodhisaddha Calendar on their website for any changes to the programme.

For a Buddhist’s practice to be complete, they must have a means of reorienting themselves towards the guiding teachings in their life. In addition to allowing one to give voice to one’s faith, the act of chanting can help one internalize the teachings and prepare the mind for meditation. Come together with other Sydney Buddhists to learn the ancient art of chanting.


Group Chanting

Chanting in a group is the best way to learn the ancient chanting of Pali, the language used at the time of the Buddha. Being in a group also helps you be devoted to your regular chanting practice.

Calming the Mind

The act of solely focusing on the act of chanting is often what the mind needs in order to settle down from its usual state of distraction.