Welcome to Bodhikusuma

We believe that everyone needs a place to learn and practice about developing spiritual peace and happiness. If you are new, come in at the start of one of our programmes and come talk to one of our friendly volunteers. If you've been before, then we may have something new for you.

Where we are

Dhamma Talks and Special Events

We have many visiting speakers and monastics coming to the Centre. To stay notified, subscribe to the newsletter.

Buddhist Ceremonies

We celebrate all the Buddhist Holy Days, and can even organise Buddhist marriages.

Regular Events

We hold Thursday Chanting Class and Sunday Puja every week. Monks go for monthly alms round in the city on the last Saturday.

Special Events.

Livestreamed Evening Chanting & Meditation

On Everyday (except Friday) at 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Sydney Time)

During these difficult times, the practice of chanting and meditation becomes even more important. As such, devotees of associated Monasteries and Centres are invited to join from their homes in the livestream sessions from Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery.

If any devotee is interested in joining this session, please send your email to bodhisaddha@gmail.com and give your full nameYou will receive a link of how to join.

The Sangha of Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery wishes that you may keep practicing Dhamma and be safe and healthy.


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In order to maintain the original Buddhist ethic of offering teachings free of charge, Bodhikusuma relies completely on the donations of those who support its mission. If you feel you’ve benefited from Bodhikusuma and wish to maintain a refuge of practice and faith in the heart of Sydney, please consider contributing a donation to the center and its cause.