Bodhikusuma Buddhist Center and associated forest monastery, Bodhisaddha, need people to look after them if they are to serve as places of refuge and practice. By lending a hand, you’ll benefit others, develop new skills, and make a few new friends in the process!

Helping at Bodhikusuma

Looking after a centre requires people to come help look after the place.

How you can help

  • Cooking

    Make some new friends and learn some new recipes as you help prepare food for special events and fundraisers.

  • Looking after the place

    Help keep Bodhikusuma a tidy and beautiful place of refuge in the heart of Sydney by helping clean and look after the facilities.

  • Fundraising

    Join Bodhikusuma’s diverse community in raising essential funds through bake sales, raffles, and other fun events around Sydney.

  • Mentors

    Help the next generation of Buddhists grow by helping teach and direct activities at Bodhikusuma’s Sunday School.

Helping at Bodhisaddha Forest Monastery

Located at 295 Wilton Road, Wilton is a forest monastery that has a lot of lands. Help maintain the grounds and support resident monks to preserve it as a place of retreat.

How you can Help

  • Gardening

    Get some fresh air and spend a morning caring for the beautiful garden that other faithful have planted at the monastery.

  • Drivers

    Spend some quality time with resident monks and senior teachers by volunteering to help drive for the monastery.

  • Building

    Help create the facilities that will allow the monastery to serve as a places of practice for monks, families, and practitioners.

  • Other skills

    If you have other speciality skills that you think you can help the monastery with, feel free to contact us.

What our Volunteers have to say




“I feel so grateful that I have a place where I can practice, and also feel a part of too”

Volunteer since 2006




“I can still remember when we were helping out at the old Bodhikusuma”

Volunteer since 2002



“I’ve really seen the benefit I get when I think of how I can help others”

Volunteer since 2007




“You meet great friends who help your Buddhist practice”

Volunteer since 2005

What You Gain By Volunteering

Developing Spiritually

Although the practice tends to focus on meditation, one of its foundations is the compassion and self-sacrifice that one does in order to help others. This creates a positive mind state and inner happiness that one takes and uses to develop their meditation practice.

Improved Mental Health and Well-Being

An article from Time Magazine shows that research validates that people who volunteer have improved mental health and well-being, especially when they do so after 40 years of age. See the article here and also another article from the American Psycological Association here.

meet good friends

Coming to a place where people are bonded by the idea of serving and helping other’s spiritual and mental well-being is a wholesome environment to be. Whoever you meet you are bond to gain some good friends and precious memories.

it’s fun too

The Bodhikusuma Volunteers know how to sacrifice and help out, but also how to have a bit of fun and a laugh as well.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you have any more questions give us a call. If you are ready to volunteer, fill in the form below and send it back to us through email or in person at our weekend opening hours 12-4pm.

Download the Volunteer Application Form