“Giving is the beginning of receiving”

Bodhikusuma is a non-profit organisation relying on your support to spread the Dhamma for the benefit of others.

The Buddha would always teach first and foremost about the value of giving before giving teachings such as morality, karma, and the 4 noble truths.

Giving leads to gaining good merits. Yet the amount of merit gained is determined by 3 factors : the intention behind the giving, the spiritual purity of the recipient, and the kind and size of the gift.

When donating please give with the intention of purifying your mind of greed and selfishness, knowing that your support for Bodhikusuma provides for noble monks and guests to spread the Dhamma. Spreading the Dhamma is the greatest gift of all, so please give generously.

How to Support Bodhikusuma

Why we need your support?

1. To cover rental fees of our centre.
2. To cover for bills and other expenses in the running of our centre.
3. To cover monks’ and teachers’ travel costs (airfares).
4. To cover the cost of meals and other expenses for our invited monks.
5. To cover the expenses in providing special events that are all given free of charge.

How can I donate?

There are many ways you can make contributions to Bodhikusuma. Donations can be made during your visits to our centre or alternatively you may send a cheque to our mailing address below:

Bodhikusuma Buddhist and Meditation Centre

PO BOX 258, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012. AUSTRALIA

For those who have internet banking facility, you may make an electronic fund transfer to our account. Details below :

Bank : Westpac
Branch: Rose Bay
BSB : 032-058
Account Name : Bodhikusuma Buddhist and Meditation Centre
Account No : 161217

Can I make contributions other than money?

Yes! Here at Bodhikusuma we organise numerous celebrations and special events. You may contribute a little of your time and energy to help us in these occasions.

Another way you can contribute to our centre is by donating food to the monks and other visitors during special events celebrations (Magha Puja, Visakha Puja, etc).

All kinds of contributions, both big or small will be much appreciated.

Something Special for Generous Contributions

For those who contribute $1,000, $,3000, $5,000 or $10,000, we will place your name plaque on our Building Foundation wall as a token of our gratitude to your special contributions.

Support through becoming a Bodhikusuma Member