In April 2002 the Bodhikusuma Buddhist & Meditation Centre opened its doors to the Buddhist community and friends. Conveniently located at Chippendale in Sydney, the centre has provided many activities such as Dhamma talks, meditation sessions, and Buddhist ceremonial events. These activities have given visitors the opportunity to learn the Buddhist teachings and to use them to improve their lives.

Many will agree that Bodhikusuma excels at giving quality teachings without compromise. This is achieved through attracting and organising locally and internationally renowned speakers to give exclusive talks at Bodhikusuma.

In 2007, Bodhikusuma moved to a bigger and better location which made it much more convenient for people to come and join the many events. With this larger capacity, there have been many costs and much more funding needed to operate.

Membership fees and a pay per class structure will give all of Bodhikusuma’s supporters the opportunity to provide the centre with enough funding to operate. All proceeds will go towards the Centre’s lease, speakers’ air fares and expenses, and other running costs. Bodhikusuma is strictly a not-for-profit organisation. Any fundraising or donations are solely to cover day-to-day expenses and for us to provide the many people with a wide-range of Buddhist activities and events.

By joining Bodhikusuma Buddhist & Meditation Centre you are contributing to a great cause. We value your support.

Membership Details

How Much is Membership?

• Wisdom Membership – 6 month membership : $200
• Virtue Membership – 12 month membership : $300
• Mindfulness Membership – 12 month membership : $600

Discounts available

Full-time students and Pensioner will receive 50% discount for all classes and membership
(except for Mindfulness membership).

What are Members Entitled to?

• Attend as many Bodhikusuma activities they would like free of charge
• Receive a 10% discount on Bodhikusuma store purchases

What’s the Difference With Mindfulness Membership?

Mindfulness members are entitled to
the following additional benefits over normal Wisdom and Virtue members :
• Receive a Buddha Statue imported from Thailand
• Reservation of front seats for all events and Dhamma talks (simply call to book)

Follow these simple steps to register yourself as one of Bodhikusuma’s Members.

By dedicating yourself to becoming one of Bodhikusuma’s members you are investingin your spiritual growth – something priceless.

Follow these simple steps to register yourself as Bodhikusuma’s Member.

  • Step 1

    Download the Membership Application Form below

  • Step 2

    Complete the form and send it back to our mailing address at Bodhikusuma Buddhist and Meditation Centre PO BOX 258, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012. AUSTRALIA, together with your payment and a passport size photo of yourself.

  • Step 3

    All Bodhikusuma’s member will receive a membership card which will be sent to you after receive your registration form and payment.

Become a Member today

Fill in the Application Form and send it back to us.


“I feel so grateful at the insightful teachings I’ve received over the years from some very revered monks that I wouldn’t of got the chance to see otherwise. I’m proud to be a member and be supporting Bodhikusuma.”

~ D. Genardo