Robe Offering Ceremony


Date(s) - Sun, 10 Dec 2023
10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Bodhikusuma Centre



We are very fortunate to have well-respected senior meditation masters from the Ajahn Chah Lineage come to visit us in Sydney.

Luang Por Khampan Siripatto

Luang Por Khampan is abbot of Wat Bpa Ton Chik, Thailand and has ordained for 50 years in the tradition of the Ajahn Chah Lineage. With many years of experience of learning under renowned teacher, Ven. Ajahn Chah in Wat Nong Pah Pong, he will kindly give an opportunity to the faithful laity to receive teachings and to make merit on this occasion.

Ajahn Naret Suranātho
Ajahn Naret is abbot of Wat Bpa Kor Wang, Thailand, and has been ordained 38 years in the tradition of the Ajahn Chah Lineage. Ajahn Naret is known for ordaining many monks and novices into the Buddha Sasana. He will kindly give teachings and looks forward to meeting the faithful laity here in Sydney.

The visiting senior monks teachings will be translated into English by Ajahn Varadhammo.

led by Luang Por Khampan Thithadhammo
20 NOVEMBER 2022, 10:30am – 1:00pm
Bodhikusuma Centre
The visiting senior monks, Luang Por Khampan & Ajahn Naret, will lead the annual robe offering ceremony in Bodhikusuma. This is an opportunity to make merit and support the running costs of Bodhikusuma Centre so that it can keep being a place for learning and practicing Dhamma in the heart of the city.
This will also be the final programme for the visiting monks on their trip to Australia.
Additional Information:
  • Rice will be prepared by the volunteers for the alms round at 10:00am inside the Centre.
  • Robe sets will be available in the Centre to offer to the 8 monks. See the lay volunteers at the Reception Desk on the day. They will be available by donation.
  • All donations on this occasion will go towards the running costs of Bodhikusuma Centre.
10:00am Alms Round inside the Centre & Dana Meal Offering
10:30am Monks have the meal & shared lunch
12:00pm Robe Offering Ceremony begins; Chant robe offering and offer robes to the 8 monks;
Dhamma Talk from Luang Por Khampan (Thai & English);
Monks give blessings; Ask forgiveness from the Visiting monks.
1:30pm Ceremony Ends
The rest of the visiting senior monks programme: